Monday, June 14, 2010

{My Garden} in Spring

Sorry! No cards to share today.
But, I thought I'd share the reason why with you! I spent the entire weekend in garden!
When we first moved to the boonies, in March of 2003, the very first thing Kevin did was build this garden for me. At first it was huge! I mean, there was no way I could keep up with the weeds and grass, and watering. It was too big. So he cut it in half the next year, and it was still huge. Then about 2006, we made half of what was left into an orchard, and it seems just right!
In the picture above, my garden is to the left of my shed, and the orchard extends to about the same length to the right. There were two Fuji apple trees, a Bing Cherry, and a sour cherry. But the gophers really like to eat all the roots off the trees all winter, and we are left with just the Bing cherry this year. Next year we plan to add more apple, peach, pear and another sour cherry. They will be 'gopher proof'!
This is the view just inside the gate to my garden side. There is a flower garden directly in front along the fence, there to the left. It is full of Daisies, Lupines, Irises, Coneflowers, Black Eyed Susan, and much more. I also have many trees growing there until they are mature enough to be placed around the yard. 4 Colorado Blue Spruce, a flowering Dogwood, a Sugar Maple, and several stray Ponderosa Pine trees.
You can see the stakes in the dirt there, beyond the flowerbed. Those are all the rows of veggies I have planted, which include white corn, pumpkins, cantelope, green beans, broccoli, cauliflower, cuccumbers, carrots, zucchini, tomatoes, onions, bell peppers.
The garden also houses Blackberries, Raspberries, Strawberries, and Rhubarb.
This is a picture of my Clamatis, which my husband bought for me for our Anniversary one year. It is looking beautiful against the shed, but has no blooms yet. When it does, they will be the most wonderful shade of pink. I will post a pic when they bloom!
Behind the vine, you see the row of Raspberries that act as a divider between the orchard and the garden. We eat every morsel of them!!
The Lupine is in full bloom as we slide into summer. I love Lupine, and was so happy when my mother-in-law gave this one to me from her garden. It is so big and bold! You can see it from any angle of the yard! If you look closely at the base of it though, you can see a gopher mound!! Rascals!!
I have a huge crush on California Poppies! The burst of bright orange makes my heart so happy! I planted some from seed the very first year, and have not had to plant them again since. They are my weeds now, and I do not mind at all!

These Irises are super special to me. I love them. They look so magnificent, and smell so wonderful! I have collected 4 colors from diffrent people over the years. Soft yellow, bright yellow, lavendar/purple, and my favorite..rust colored. They are gorgeous, the rust colored ones, but they have not opened up yet. I will post a picture when they do so you can see them for yourself!

This last pic is my hubby!
He spent all of Saturday mowing, weed wacking, and weed spraying. Our yard is super big, and he tries to keep it looking like a golf course! He stays far away from my garden though, unless I ask him to rototill those darn weeds when they get ahead of me!
There is a sign on the gate that reads:
No Boys
No Dogs

Enough said!

Hope you have enjoyed the little tour! I will post more pictures as the garden progresses.

Thanks for stopping by today!


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