Thursday, March 11, 2010


This blog post contains content that may be unsuitable for people who don't want to hear whining and negativity! Parental Guidance is suggested. ( I posted a few older creations to soften the blow.)
So many things have been going on lately, both positive and negative, that I do not know where to start.
So I will start with the fact that my Tahoe is BROKEN. And my mechanical husband hasn't the foggiest idea of what's wrong. For a while now, it has not wanted to fire up, and once it did, it was choking and jiggling and crazy. Then it would run fine, great actually. Kevin has been trying to figure it out for some time, but now it will not start at all, and is puking up through the manifold and choke. Which means that it is firing at the wrong times and whatever else. (I pay attention to most of the machanic talk, but not all.) So, no car. No wheels. Home bound. Yuk!Which brings me to more negativity from me....We had new linoleum installed last week, and we finished painting the interior and added new molding. Everything looks fantastic! I mean really great! We should have done this 7 years ago! BUT.....My husband has not put the shelves for my stamping station back up. (This is me whining, so look away if you cannot stand it!) All of my stamping supplies and goodies are packed up in boxes and such, stacked in our bedroom on the floor. I reminded my husband several days ago that the shelves needed to be put back up so I could put my stuff back, and make the house look nice if someone comes to view it. He says.....'I am not sure if I want them put back up there. It just does not look good.' WHAT?!?! How do a bunch of boxes and plastic drawers full of punches and paper and ribbons look, all stacked up in our bedroom???? (me angry) It looks all scr*wed up to me! Now, I know I have mentioned before that my stamping hobby does not thrill my husband, and that he does not even want to hear about it. It gets as bad as him telling me to quit. He does not like the time I spend doing it, (which is not enough time to me) and thinks I should find something else to do. He is not supportive at all. That is why I have my Etsy shop, to support my hobby. And that is why I blog and have online galleries, to get support from you all.
So I am thinking about putting the shelves up myself, but I do not want to start a World War. I am just keeping my mouth shut. And, sometimes I misread him. He could be up to something good, right? Like buying nice new shelves or something. He could be planning some nice, thoughtful, completely out of character sweet surprise, right?

So, now that the interior of the house is all spruced up, I am bored! I could be making a ton of cards right now. But no. I keep staring at the boxes, just wanting to tear into them. Maybe I will. Tomorrow. I am stuck home again tomorrow. Yes, I will first thing in the morning, and then I will have it all put away before Mr. Hubby gets home! Sounds like a plan!

I certainly hope you are all busy checking out the latest sneek peeks at Nichole Heady's blog, and are filling up your PTI wish lists. I sure am! I cannot wait for the 15th! So many wonderful things happening there. It is unbelievable! Don't forget to comment on the posts, you could win incredible prize packages! My fingers are crossed! I love PTI!

Okay, thats enough from me for today. Sorry I am so crabby!
Thanks for putting up with me!


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  1. Great cards, Sherrie! I just love that flower card!


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