Monday, November 1, 2010

Eat, Sleep, Work, Repeat

Yes, it's me! I know it has been a while, but hey, I've been busy!
My job as an in-home care giver has been keeping me on a wonky schedule, and my husband can't seem to stop injuring himself and going to the hospital!
He threw his back out a couple of weeks ago, then when he was on the mend, sprang his ankle. Now that that is healing, he somehow injured his 'private parts'. The crazy thing about that is when he went into the ER yesterday, the female doctor prescribed an antibiotic for a STD!! My husband and I have been together for 10 years now, and I KNOW he has not cheated on me, nor I on him. So we think we need a second opinion! Besides, he was moving our giant dog house when the pain started in his groin. Hhmm....could it be some sort of strain, Doc?? Jeezz!
I am putting in my 2 week notice today. And am looking for a new job, again. I need something with a set schedule, like 7 am to 3 pm everyday. I like the in-home care position, but the days and hours are all over the place. I cannot take care of MY family's needs. Plus, I have to drive an hour to get 3 hours work, then an hour's drive home. Sorry...not for me!! I'd rather be with my kids!
So, otherwise we have all been healthy, and adjusting to Mom being at work. My house is a disaster, and everyone is hungry all the time! As soon as I walk in the house after work, I am bombarded with whining for food, so I throw out crackers and cheese sticks! I can't seem to just sit down, ever. My 'to-do' list just keeps getting longer, with my hubby adding to it daily. I think he is starting to miss my housekeeping talent!
I know we will survive this, our crazy life, and things will smooth out soon. My fingers are crossed!
Today I am going to pig out, take a hot bath, and then tackle some of those to-do's! Or not! We'll see!
I may end up sitting at my stamping station for the better part of the day! Hhmmm....that's the best idea I have had all week! :)

Take care,



  1. Wow, 2 hours round trip! Seems like the drive would eat up all your earnings... Glad you have made the choice to be with your family! :)

  2. OMG I know you are serious in your writing, but it's a little funny. BUT, I'm not laughing at you, oh NO, I'm laughing WITH you! I can't imagine having to feed a house full of males, so my heart goes out to you.

  3. I do get how disruptive to a house of males YOUR working can be. lol Meanwhile - do get a 2nd opinion. Especially if he is still in pain. And p.s. men can get infections just like women -- they don't have to be STD's. GOOD GRIEF.


  4. Sherrie take care of yourself. I'm glad you are taking steps to balance out the home front.
    Everything will all sort out for the better...we miss you! You deserve a hug!

  5. Om my gosh, Sherrie...Just stopping by to let you know I miss you! I'm sure really great things are just around the corner for you!!

  6. Oh my Sherrie... well, it's GREAT to hear from you today--thanks for stopping by my blog and letting me know you're still alive =D And after reading that I can relate! ALthough it seems like with ME it's one thing after another. Tooth/gum infection for 3 weeks, I finally get better and now my neck is killing me and my big toe nail is falling off. LOL> I don't know why? I must have injured it and forgot?! If that's possible.

    ANYWHOO.... yes, I think you are doing the right thing by putting in your 2-week notice. Your family comes first and those are CRAZY hours! We know you can type right? Maybe you can apply for at least a Sub at the schools for the front desk? Or even an aide? Then you'd have the same hours as your kids and it doesn't take much training/experience. Just a thought? Or ... a secretarial position at an office somewhere? I'm not sure where your strengths are, only you know that, so I'm not much help. But HOURS is def. important. I'll keep you in my prayers where that's concerned. Maybe after these 2 weeks notice, you can relax until after the first of the year and enjoy the Christmas holiday w/o stressing over a job right away??? HOPE! =) Hugs!


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